Intelligent Knitwear for Fashion & Engineering

Born has been a family-run, integrated textile company since it was founded in 1991. With more than 40 employees and by using the most modern textile and knitting machines, we develop and produce trendsetting, innovative textile products for our customers. Following our growth plan, we expanded our capacities in 2020 and are now producing our high-quality products at 2 locations.

For more than 10 years, our product portfolio has included medical textiles such as orthopedic human and veterinary bandage systems. Focus of our growth is the symbiosis of medical and smart textiles, produced and developed in our Tec & Lifestyle products segment.

Resulting from many years of experience and innovation, Born GmbH owns various patents in the smart textiles field and is constantly refining them in collaboration with customers, leading technical universities and technical colleges.

Aiming at further professionalizing our services, we introduced the ISO 9001:2015 certification in 2021. This enables us to better serve the high quality and process requirements of our customers.

Vision und Mission

Building on more than 30 years of experience as a manufacturer of high-quality and innovative textiles, BORN develops intelligent, textile-based products that effectively facilitate everyday life for people and companies.

Our goal is to further expand our position as an innovation leader for intelligent, textile and textile-related products at the interface between medical and sports applications.

With the trendsetting developments we have created for our customers, we inspire and motivate employees and customers alike to reach the next level of textile innovation.

In addition to further technical, design and functional development, it is our goal to further expand the sustainability of our company and to set standards here as well.

Our constantly growing team is the center of our success which is also based on a good mix of experienced experts and young, dynamic innovation drivers and top performers.